Rugs And How To Make The Best Use Of Them – 8 Innovative Ways

By April 3, 2018Rugs, Ways to Use Rugs

The home is where the heart is and that home should be a place where warmth and comfort are part and parcel of every single experience that we enjoy with friends and family. And one of the most wonderful ways of enjoying a home is to pack it with furnishings that are warm and comfortable. That is why rugs have always been part of a home – and that has been the case for thousands of years.

In the modern home there are many ways that rugs can be used – here are just eight of them.

1. A Room Divider.

Using a rug to separate areas of a room into distinct zones is a great idea. There are ways to strategically place rugs which will for instance differentiate dining areas from living areas. Matching the rug to that part of the home is a fantastic way to discretely show guests that the one part of the home is different from the other. This is especially useful in smaller spaces.

2.Mix and Match.

A neutral colored rug can serve to offset bolder colors that are used in other furnishings such as upholstery – but it can also call attention to other design fixtures. Bold colors that compliment other items such as throw pillows and light fixtures are the perfect inexpensive way to highlight individual style.

3. Make a Statement.

A rug can be understated or make that bold statement of style. It is easy enough to fall into the trap of choosing neutral colors – but when choosing a rug think carefully about weave, fabric and pattern. A rug can be more than just a floor covering. It can also serve to make your home warm and inviting. Pay attention to lighting and how the rug will fir into your current style.

4. Create a Space.

Consider using striped patterns when choosing your rug. these patterns create an illusion of space when used in smaller spaces. Expand your choices to include rugs which can be used in non traditional spaces such as the kitchen. They can make these spaces more warm and comforting.

5. The Dining Area.

When it comes to the places where friends and family gather to enjoy a meal then it is worthwhile to invest just a little bit more in the rugs that take pride of place around the dining table. A plush rug with a deeper pile will compliment the ambiance of any dining area.

6. Wall Hanging.

If you are considering investing a significant amount of money on a rug – for instance on an oriental rug then it may be worth considering that rug as a wall hanging rather than as a rug for floor use. These rugs enhance any space and create warmth on a room and are great talking pieces. The use of these valuable items on a wall also protects their investment value. Just be sure not to hang them in direct sunlight as this can cause fading.

7. High Traffic.

If you are going to be purchasing a rug for use in a high traffic area then make sure that the material used is able to stand up to wear ans tear. this is one of those occasions where man made fabrics may be the best choice. Synthetic fabrics for entrance areas and other places that will experience heavy foot traffic may represent the best value for money.

8. Cleaning and Maintenance.

Prior to spending a significant amount of money on an expensive rug know that your investment will require maintenance. Do not be afraid to ask how to keep your rugs in tip top condition.

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