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Best Flooring Options for a Romantic Setting

Creating a romantic hideaway is an important aspect of your personal home life. Whether you are living in a family setting, and possible have small kids and four-legged friends on the floor, or live a secluded lifestyle the floors on your home must fit your needs and also set the stage for all types of romantic adventures.

What kind of flooring can help set a romantic setting? This largely depends on the setting you as the homeowner likes best. Whether you set the scene with modern LED lights proving mood lighting or the traditional candles and fireplace, the right flooring type ties all the elements of the room together.

Done right, this is half the setting. To help you make the best selection for your home here are some flooring options presented in order from least to most romantic.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl is a good option for a wide variety of flooring solutions as it can resist moisture well and it is available in so many styles and cozy varieties. Vinyl is great for kitchen and this is an important place to begin establishing a sensual tone as eating and comfort are so closely connected. Vinyl is also warmer and softer underfoot than tile or other flooring options and this is also kind romantic.

Considerations with vinyl flooring option. Vinyl can be applied fairly simply and is a fun DIY project. Be very careful with the seams as these are the weak points where a spilled red wine can suddenly cause a problem.

4. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Porcelain and ceramic tiles can be used to accomplish just about any style and texture. There are warm tones and sophisticated modern motifs as well. The thing you will want to consider is the lighting and how it will play with the various elements in the room as reflected or absorbed by the floor.


3. Engineered wood

If economic and intelligent are synonymous with romantic, then engineered wooden floors are on par with all the truly greats. Engineered wooden floors are long-lasting and tough against abuse in many forms and have that warm luscious glow that holds candlelight perfectly. You will also be able to select a good many textures and tones that will match the motif and style of your home.


2. Solid Hardwood

Looking to spark some time-less feelings of warmth and affection? The warmth, color and feel of an original hardwood floor can cast a virtual spell on the entire home. Hardwood floors make the best setting for thick area rugs and romantic evenings in front of a fire or nothing more than starlight. In cold regions where a tile floor would instantly chill a bare foot, the hardwood floor absorbs the warmth of the interior and keeps everything comfy.

As romantic and classically beautiful as the hardwood floor is, it will need to be professionally installed and maintained if it will survive long. Hardwood floors are susceptible to a wide variety of assault and will need to be cherished if it will serve you well.

1. Natural Stone

Unattainable beauty and style are the major selling points for hardwood floors. While not as warm and compelling as a hardwood floor, the stone floor is romantic in a sublime and powerful way. The many textures and tones available all speak of impeccable taste and a passion for the finer things in life. While the price tag won’t be small, neither will the feelings of satisfaction and pride. Stone floors are beautiful in an uncanny way and add another level of romanticism to any setting, but they will need special care and cleaning treatments to keep in optimal conditions.

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Get The Candle Wax Out Of Your Carpet By Following These Simple Steps

Carpet spills and stains of all kinds are not any fun. Some disasters can lead to permanent problems and eventual carpet replacement. One day, you will certainly have to replace the carpeting in your home, but what you are going to do now is keep it in good shape as long as you can. You have a candle wax spill to deal with, and you don't want to wait to get it cleaned up. Here is how you are going to deal with that candle wax on your carpet. We always recommend you use professional services to clean up tough stains like this, so if you are in the Florida area check out some great Florida carpet cleaning companies near you, if not then try these home remedies.

It is no secret that the wax is going to start hardening instantly. That's a good thing for the first step that is required to getting the candle wax out of your carpet. You see, the wax hardening allows you to get most of it out of the carpet fibers by scraping it off. One thing you need to know is that you still have to be careful. What do you use? The experts say that it's a good idea to use a butter knife, so that's a simple solution.

Naturally, that's only the first step, as you still have more things to do to get the rest of the wax off of your carpet. As a matter of fact, once you have scraped the hardened wax with a butter knife, you are still going to need to use a vacuum to get that wax up. Now you are ready for the next step.

Have you heard of using an iron and a paper bag? That's one of the suggested remedies of old, but for purposes of this article, let's avoid that solution. There are other tips for getting rid of the candle wax that has landed on your carpet. After all, you don't want to burn the carpet. You want to get the wax out of the carpet without further incident.

You are still going to be using an iron, but you don't have to use a paper bag. That's asking for it according to the carpet cleaning experts. After you have removed most of the wax with the butter knife, you might notice the tops of the fibers are a little fuzzy. That being said, what you can do is to trim them just every so slightly.

What you need next is a carpet cleaning solution. You are hoping, too, that you don't have to worry about the carpet being stained afterward. It does happen when it come to candle wax, but you're going to do your best to make sure that's not the case in this instance. The carpet cleaning solution you use should definitely be a heavy duty product. Are you familiar with any choices that would be a good fit?

You will want to follow the directions for the carpet cleaner, and you are hoping that the little bit of wax that is left will be penetrated by the cleaner and rise to the surface of the carpet fibers to be blotted up with a towel. That would be the ideal situation, and let's hope that is how it turns out for you. One thing for sure is at this point, you have most of the wax off of the carpet fibers anyway.

Now you just have to get the rest of the wax. You can always repeat the last step twice, and be sure you get it all cleaned up. There might not be a lot of wax left, but just a little goes a long way when it comes to staining a carpet. You are going to want to get that carpet clean and candle wax free.

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Why Vinyl Flooring Makes Great Sense - 5 Reasons

Many people still think that the heyday of vinyl flooring was in the 1960's and 70's, or after the Second World War when advances in technology make the material widely available. Then there came a time when it simply went out of style - it was seen as tacky and other materials like natural wood and tile began to take over the flooring market.

However, vinyl has surged to the forefront of the flooring market once again - powered by new advances in how it is used. And one of those advances has been a new wave of luxury vinyl flooring products - including vinyl tiles and planking. The advances in vinyl manufacture - and the ability of manufacturers to now produce vinyl products that so closely resemble natural products has brought the material to the attention of both designers and homeowners across the globe.

1. Hard Wearing.

The latest advances in vinyl flooring have meant that it is now more hard wearing than ever before. the addition of urethane coating means that this flooring will retain its good looks for years - even under the hardest and most trying of conditions and foot traffic. Even in homes where pets and children are a feature the coating will keep the flooring looking great.

2. Great Looks.

Gone are the days when vinyl flooring looked cheap and tacky. The modern versions of vinyl flooring are stylish and boast incredible aesthetic appeal. In fact it is now almost impossible to tell the difference between many types of luxury vinyl flooring and natural wood and stone tiles. The new generation of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) features variations in patterning and texture that make it ideal for use in a variety of luxurious settings 0 and also makes ideal for the homeowner to express his or her own sense of individual style.

3. Comfort.

The latest versions of vinyl flooring have a much softer feel underfoot than the older versions that were available only a decade ago. When compared to floor material like tile vinyl provides an ultra luxurious feel that is gentle on the feet of every family member. In fact many of the more luxurious vinyl styles are now introducing cork into the layering which makes up the vinyl - this not only increases comfort levels but also contributes to reducing noise levels in the home.

4. Water Resistance.

Unlike natural substances such as hardwood vinyl can be installed or fitted to every room in the house - including bathrooms and kitchens. Whereas wood can suffer from exposure to moisture vinyl will retain its beauty even under the hardest of circumstances and when exposed to either moisture or spills.This makes it the perfect flooring material to provide the homeowner with the option of keeping an individual style throughout the home - without sacrificing functionality.

5. Maintenance.

One of the most wonderful things about vinyl is that it requires very little in terms of specialized maintenance. unlike wood or even tile a vinyl floor is relatively easy to care for. Professional carpet or floor maintenance issues will become a thing of the past once vinyl flooring is installed. A simple wipe down with a household cleaner will be enough to keep a vinyl floor in tip top condition. And the fact that the vinyl floor is ultra water resistant also means that there will never be an instance where boards need to be replaced.

Vinyl flooring simply makes sense, both from an aesthetic perspective and from a cost perspective. New styles mean a new look that is allowing vinyl to make a huge comeback - especially for homeowners who want their homes to be a unique expression of individual taste.

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Rugs And How To Make The Best Use Of Them - 8 Innovative Ways

The home is where the heart is and that home should be a place where warmth and comfort are part and parcel of every single experience that we enjoy with friends and family. And one of the most wonderful ways of enjoying a home is to pack it with furnishings that are warm and comfortable. That is why rugs have always been part of a home - and that has been the case for thousands of years.

In the modern home there are many ways that rugs can be used - here are just eight of them.

1. A Room Divider.

Using a rug to separate areas of a room into distinct zones is a great idea. There are ways to strategically place rugs which will for instance differentiate dining areas from living areas. Matching the rug to that part of the home is a fantastic way to discretely show guests that the one part of the home is different from the other. This is especially useful in smaller spaces.

2.Mix and Match.

A neutral colored rug can serve to offset bolder colors that are used in other furnishings such as upholstery - but it can also call attention to other design fixtures. Bold colors that compliment other items such as throw pillows and light fixtures are the perfect inexpensive way to highlight individual style.

3. Make a Statement.

A rug can be understated or make that bold statement of style. It is easy enough to fall into the trap of choosing neutral colors - but when choosing a rug think carefully about weave, fabric and pattern. A rug can be more than just a floor covering. It can also serve to make your home warm and inviting. Pay attention to lighting and how the rug will fir into your current style.

4. Create a Space.

Consider using striped patterns when choosing your rug. these patterns create an illusion of space when used in smaller spaces. Expand your choices to include rugs which can be used in non traditional spaces such as the kitchen. They can make these spaces more warm and comforting.

5. The Dining Area.

When it comes to the places where friends and family gather to enjoy a meal then it is worthwhile to invest just a little bit more in the rugs that take pride of place around the dining table. A plush rug with a deeper pile will compliment the ambiance of any dining area.

6. Wall Hanging.

If you are considering investing a significant amount of money on a rug - for instance on an oriental rug then it may be worth considering that rug as a wall hanging rather than as a rug for floor use. These rugs enhance any space and create warmth on a room and are great talking pieces. The use of these valuable items on a wall also protects their investment value. Just be sure not to hang them in direct sunlight as this can cause fading.

7. High Traffic.

If you are going to be purchasing a rug for use in a high traffic area then make sure that the material used is able to stand up to wear ans tear. this is one of those occasions where man made fabrics may be the best choice. Synthetic fabrics for entrance areas and other places that will experience heavy foot traffic may represent the best value for money.

8. Cleaning and Maintenance.

Prior to spending a significant amount of money on an expensive rug know that your investment will require maintenance. Do not be afraid to ask how to keep your rugs in tip top condition.

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